Stormi is an authentic Takara Blythe (RBL), Nostalgic Pop (NP). She is heavily inspired by the legendary American woman pirate story of Rachel Wall. She’s quite a handful and very head strong. Please read on about her modifications if you think she’s right to sail to your home. 

~base doll Nostalgic Pop Blythe
~body is Obitsu 24, fair in color (whitey)
~hair is original with hair conditioning spa 

~face has been carved and sanded over many hours, faceup with artist pastels, and water color pencils, lips are glossed with clear acrylic paint. 

***please note she has a mottled facial appearance with hand drawn, light veins on her faceplate. They are more apparent on her cheeks, and more subtle on her temples, forehead and eyelid area. They are a bit difficult to capture in photographs, please be aware of this added feature.***
~faceplate is sealed with MSC UV cut flat inbetween layers and final layer with a light coat of MSC semi-gloss for the final layer, so she has a slight sheen, but it is subtle. 
~four new sets of eyechips, teal with gold foil (straight on) are from Taiwan artist Bubujojo, grey (straight on) Bunny Carnival, green (side facing) Bunny Carnival, and light brown (side facing) Puppelina.
~new eyelashes
~eyes have been boggled high and gaze corrected 
~lids are decoupaged by me, using an out of print Liberty of London lawn (Thunderstorm). These are finished with a high gloss acrylic paint over the decoupage.
~new pullstrings with custom medallion charms (one is aluminum one is pewter), black and red beads. 
~backplate art: thin layer of hand sculpted apoxie pirate flag which has been airbrushed in black and hand detailed with acrylic paint (a Jolly Roger pirate skeleton, “Alter Ego Dolls” and her number 30)
~her body is an Obitsu 24. Please note it is taller than the regular Takara. The neck has been stabilized and reinforced with apoxie. I fix the necks on my stabilized bodies, so there is no tilt, although the neck can still swivel. I found this especially important with this doll as the thin layer of apoxie on her backplate does adds a bit of weight and she also has a LOT of thick hair! This fixed neck makes her head very stable. 
~She has a handsculpted removable “wooden” leg made out of apoxie sculpt with a Jolly Roger on one side and an anchor on the other. Combination of airbrushing and hand painting. This is removable by popping off the leg at the knee joint, and replacing the original leg, so she can be a pirate and a regular doll, I will include putty to secure the pirate leg, although I didn’t really find it necessary to use the putty as it’s a custom fit. This is sealed with MSC sealant, treat it as a faceplate when handling (use clean hands)

Outfit-handmade by me:
-Liberty of London off white ruffles blouse 
-Liberty of London floral skirt with off white Liberty ruffle trim. Featherwale turquoise corduroy high waist, Single snap closure in back
Hand-sewn recycled sari silk bandana tie with exposed seams for a more “tattered” appearance. 
-airbrushed Takara boots (Simply Lilac stock), which I have matched to her outfit in golds, turquoise, and reds. Airbrushed with acrylic paint and sealed with MSC flat UV sealant 
~socks are from my own collection, and are a thin fish net in a light grey color. They work perfect with her boots. 

Stormi will also travel with her red pirate chest hand made by Etsy artist
She also wears handmade skull earrings, which are for people, so if she allows, you may share them, Etsy artist

Blythe Custom Stormi


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