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Christie, an authentic Takara release custom Neo Blythe doll. She is my #37 Blythe, my first fully apoxie sculpted doll. She is themed after a Roller Derby player, heavily inspired from many different roller derby friends. She received her name from an old friend who skated and trained the Indianapolis NapTown Roller Derby team a few years back. She has a lot of personality and is quite a firecracker, buyer beware.
Base doll: Sea Sailor See (RBLRenew)
Body: authentic Obitsu 22 (modified neck with apoxie sculpt for strength (no tilt neck) screws in torso and legs tightened. 
For anyone not familiar with this body, it is a strong jointed body when modified, it will “squeak” when moved into positions.
Additional body customizations:

-Spray matted with MSC UV matte, “Rink rash” Roller Derby bruise painted on the upper left leg and lower buttocks with pastels and water color pencils. She had a bad fall in the bout!  Ouch!
-Apoxie band-aid sculpted on right thigh, hand-painted with acrylic. Sealed with MSC UV flat. (The body will have a “toothed feel due to the sealant. Please handle your doll body with clean hands and care to avoid the sealant becoming sticky over time, or scratching the sealant.)
-tatoos from Dear Girl Face (these are vinyl tattoos sealed with modge podge matte. Dear Girl Face states these may come off with time. I have extra tattoos to send with the doll, its is an easy custimization to do if the tatoo gets damaged from clothing changes. If care is used, they should last for a long time!
-apoxie sculpted faceplate with Apoxie Sculpt
-her face has been airbrushed with high quality airbrush acrylic paint, sealed with MSC UV flat, painted with artist pastels. She has a light freckling and a couple beauty moles. her lips are not glazed, but lips have a matte appearance, however I did glaze the inside of her nostrils, corners of her mouth, and inside of her eyes as well as her teeth and tongue
-black eye bruise, dark black eyeshadow
-painted cut and bruise at the top of her forehead (hidden by her bangs, unless styled to show) -open mouth with upper and lower polymer clay sculpted teeth and tongue, all glazed with Tamiya clear acrylic gloss
-4 new pairs of eyechips, 2 glass Puppelina (purple realistic and blue realistic), 2 Bebe Blythe company (one glass brown realistic front facing, black resin side facing)
-eyes boggled slightly and gaze corrected
-new black eyelashes, please note that when her eyes close, one set of lashes comletely disappears, I believe this is due to the way I sclupted the lower eyelids, they do pop back up of course with the eyes open
-eyemech is painted a matte black and sealed
-sleep eyes 
-new pullcharms from Mouse in a Blouse on Etsy (I did remove some of the beads so they would not scratch the backplate when the doll is set down). One reads “Fuck Off Repellent, the other is a cute Roller Skate 
-hair is orginal SSS scalp, in a chocolate brown color, with some brown highlights its very pretty! I have chopped the bangs and given her a cute short bob
-hand sculpted ears with my first original design, ears airbrushed with the same acrylic paint to match the faceplate and shaded/detailed with pastels and sealed with MSC. Attached to the backplate with E6000 glue. These are permanent ears (not removeable)
-backplate does have a thin layer of apoxie sculpt, its very thin just to match the total look and feel of the faceplate. I have painted a bruise in the center, along "alter ego dolls, #37 2021"
Clothing: Christie comes with two full outfits
Outfit #1: game day outfit-tank top made with organic knit jersey in a deep blue with navy flecking, single snap closure at back.
-hot shorts in a pink synthetic metallic knit (Alter Ego Dolls pattern) 
-black mesh tulle socks drafted by me for the Obitsu 22 body, a fun fabric with stars embossed on the fabric
-SK Couture leather roller skates
-customized store bought helmet. Originally made for AG doll, I sanded off the factory sealant, and airbushed in Magenta pink, and shaded with purple and turquoise translucent paints to create a varigated/vintage purple shade, selaed with MSC UV flat
Outfit #2
After the bout outfit:
-a classic Tirin and Katten short sleeve dress made with custom-made roller derby fabric I ordered from Spoonflower in a quilting cotton. Dress has sayings such as "butts", "fresh meat" and "get lower" as well as althetic socks, skates, broken heart and stars. Double metal snap closure at back. Dress pattern adjusted to fit the Obitsu 22
-thigh high socks from Emma Florence of Paris on Etsy
-red leather converse style shoes from the wonderful Zapatos Merchis on Instagram. Her shoes are amazing!
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Thank you for all your support!
Lynn Marie Alter Ego Dolls

Christie, a custom Neo Blythe doll