Meet Jasper! He is a custom boy Blythe Middie doll by me, Alter Ego Dolls. He is a Cool Pool Lemonade base doll on the original altered custom Middie body. His head tilts side to side and eyes move side to side. (Please note because of the eye lift/gaze correction, the eyes are a bit stiff stiff to move)


Work done:

-faceplate carefully carved, sanded painted

-painted with Rembrandt pastels, Pan pastels, watercolor pencils

-sealed with MSC UV flat UV and finished with MSC UV Semi-gloss on the final coat

-1 pair of glass brown eyechips (Russian artist)

-gaze correction

-brown eyelashes

-Open mouth carving, teeth carved from the faceplate and painted with acrylics

-hair is a lovely huacaya alpaca weft sewn to the original scalp


 *please note the scalp is uneven in an area towards the back/side of the scalp. His hair covers this so it is not noticeable unless you lift up his hair. Please see pics. The scalp is glued with E6000 to the dome and is very secure


-original Takara Middie body has been greatly modified-chest has been dremeled and sanded, reconstructed with apoxie, and airbrushed. Only the torso has been airbrushed (and sealed with MSC flat UV). Because of the airbrushing and sealant the torso has a textured feel. You should treat this as a faceplate and have clean hands to handle. The rubber arms and legs are not painted, because  did not want the paints to crack or chip with outfit changes and handling. The color is not a perfect match, the torso is darker. Please see pictures. I personally love the color of the torso but it does have a more darker flesh/Olive type appearance. I used Warcolours airbrush paint, which is very high quality and has a lovely spectrum. Opaque and translucent airbrush paints were combined to achieve this rich, realistic tone.


Jasper travels with TWO the outfit pictured:

-Black Bear mohair suit made by me (Dolly And Paws pattern). The suit is made from Genuine high quality black mohair fabric. It is a two piece set (hat is separate from the body. The hat has a Liberty of London star pattern bias tape as the tie. It is lined in a grey Batiste cotton lining fabric from my favorite fabric store in Indianapolis, Indiana, (The French Seam).

-yellow linen overalls with (fake) leather straps

-bear shirt


Please allow 5-7 days for me to carefully package Jasper and his belongings. I will be making one trip to the Post Office for all my BC Calgary mailings. Shipping (any shipping overages from actual shipping price will be refunded to the customer within 24 hours of shipment) -tracking will be provided -All US packages are being shipped priority, 2-3 day mail, fully insured -EU/UK mailings will be sent International Priority. -other counties may require a conversation to decide on Shipment method


-worldwide shipping is included in this listing. If shipping is charged at checkout, I will refund ASAP



Lynn Marie 

Jasper, a custom Middie Blythe doll