Meet Kandie! She is an authentic Takara Blythe doll (SBL mold). She is my #43 custom Blythe, made by me Lynn Marie

Please contact me here, or on social media (Instagram or Facebook) with any questions about this girl!

Outfit is included!

~Romper by Olga of Blythe and Bears

~stock off-white tights

~pink leather tennis shoes by Mercedes of Zapatos Merchis

~Wool felted ice cream cone by The Real Violet Pie

~hair bow is from Sweet Bubbly Bear stock.

Customizations made:

~new pull strings. One pewter “alter ego dolls” charm with semi precious beads, and one Ice Cream pullstring designed by the lovely Christine of Mouse in a Blouse on Etsy

~faceplate carved and sanded over many days

~faceplate painted with artist pastels, water color pencils, sealed with Mister Super Clear Matte UV

~original backplate art Inspired by The Real Violet Pie felted bear, backplate signed, numbered and dated

~lips, tongue and two front teeth sealed with Tamiya clear acrylic gloss

~tongue, teeth and gums hand sculpted polymer clay, affixed with Apoxie and E6000

~eyes boggled, gaze corrected

~hair is a baby goat mohair of the finest quality, first shear (very soft)

~mohair was hand dyed by me, using Acid dyes (color fast, dye will not bleed)

~mohair was machine wefted and hand sewn to a cool cat rubber SBL scalp by myself

~Dome was glued with E6000 to the faceplate/backplate. I used the least amount of glue possible for a clean finish and secure hold (no glue residue around scalp line itself

~4 pair of new eyechips, 2 Bebe Blythe resin, one Bebe Blythe glass metallic, one pair of Dragon Mels pink fantasy chips

~authentic Obitsu 22 body with reinforcement, however I was able to maintain a slight neck tilt!

Kandie, a custom Takara Neo Blythe doll