Meet Piper, a custom Middie Blythe doll by me, Lynn Marie.

***She is intended for an adult collector, is fragile, and not intended for young children. This set includes many small pieces not appropriate for children. ***

Piper was inspired by my youngest, Lyon, who often has the most humorous expressions and fills me with so much joy and laughter that I often have to carve it into a doll. Piper I'm sure will be a joy to photograph in many funny/scary/precarious situations!


base doll: Mary Ann authentic Takara Middie Blythe (2015)


Customizations applied:

-faceplate extensively carved and sanded

-faceplate painted with Rembrandt and Pan Pastels, water color pencils, sealed with Mister Super clear Matte, lips, inner eyes and nostrils have been detailed with Tamiya clear acrylic gloss

-new glass Puppelina eyechips in a blue color with brown flecks

-polymer clay sculpted teeth and gums

-backplate signed, numbers and dated "Alter Ego Dolls 2021, #39"

-hair spa/cut/styled and reglued to the scalp with E6000 industrial glue

Please note: Middie body has been changed to a BOY XS Pure Neemo body. This gives Middie a more "tween" appearance. She is taller at around 11 inches, and smaller than a Neo Blythe, but she can still fit most Neo Blythe clothing and shoes! I have modfied her neck with apoxie to be able to fit this type of Pure Neemo body.



dress, tights, leather shoes and purse all included!

ghost dress is designed and sewn by me, her tights were made by the lovely Emma Florence of Paris (Etsy) and Piper's amazing shoes are red leather "Day of the Dead" boots by Suitdrims Concept (Etsy). The shoes are a true treasure! Fran's work is incredible. She also comes with a matching red leather purse, also by Suitdrims Concepts.


Props/extras: *** please note any furniture shown is not included. Your purchase includes the doll, clothing, shoes, and extras listed below.

I designed 3 acrylic stenciled, airbrushed diorama paintings to travel with Piper. One of the bat paintings was inpired by Piper's entire outfit and looks, coordinating with her boots and style very nicely with a pop of red (there are even black and white stripes hand painted on upper outside corner.) Additionally, there is a "Scaredy Cat" painting, and another bat painting. I used opaque, translucent and transparent acrylic paints from Warcolours to achieve the depth and vintage feel. They will be sealed with a varnish and may have a more glossy finish in the end due to the sealent. These are newly painted yesterday, and will be able to travel in one week's time. If the buyer prefers, I can send the paitings separate when they are sealed-(they still require drying/curing time here and will be ready to ship around October 5, 2021). IF THE BUYER PREFERS A MATTE APPEARANCE ON THE PAINTINGS PLEASE MESSAGE ME NOW. No modifications will be made to Piper, she is sold as is, much thought went into her creation, thank you for understanding. Piper will also travel with a few surprises (my dolls always come with extras for the new Mom/Dad).


I hope you enjoy Piper and her photography! She was a pure joy to create and I believe she will be so fun for the holiday, and can be dressed and posed creatively for other holidays and "regular days" also! Happy Haunting!


As always, thank you for your support for my art, and following me on social media.


Lynn Marie

Alter Ego Dolls

Piper, a custom Middie Blythe