Portland, a custom Neo Blythe doll made by me, Lynn Marie of Alter Ego Dolls. Please read her details carefully below


Base doll is RBL mold authentic tan Takara Blythe “Heather Sky” (tan skintone is rare)


~faceplate carefully carved and sanded over many hours

~Mouth is slightly open, just a tad (no teeth as they would not really show)

~painted with Rembrandt, Pan Pastels, and artist water color pencils

~sealed with MSC UV cut Matte

~faceplate signed and dated, watercolor rainbow art

~eye boggling

~gaze correction

~4 new pair of glass eyechips (3 realistic Puppelina, 1 silver fantasy by DragonMels)

~eyelid art, new eyelashes

~new pullstrings and beads including ”alter ego dolls” pewter hand stamped charm

~sleep eyes

~fake Azone tan jointed body, neck has added silicone disk for stability, if you want more of a tilt neck this disk can be removed

~TAN Licca body is also an option if desired

~original tan Takara body is also available if desired

~hair and bangs have been thinned and trimmed


Outfit is included

~dress is from Hello Blue Hare (Etsy)

~over the knee socks by Pomme Pomme Dollies (Etsy)

~leather tennis shoes are from the wonderfully talented Mercedes of Zapatos Merchis

~Pink and floral bunny hat is from Blythe Clothes Ella (Etsy)


*Portland will also ship is a beautiful protective fabric wrap

**Shipping to the USA is included, if WIX shipping seems to high for my International customers, please message me

***Please be sure of your purchase as I do not accept reuturns



please feel free to message me on Instagram @alteregodolls or on Facebook at Lynn Marie with any questions about this doll or other inquiries




Lynn Marie

Alter Ego Dolls

Doll Artist

Pro Doll Customizer at Dolly Custom, link below


Portland, custom Neo Blythe

  • Please handle your Blythe doll with care. Try to always support the back of head while pulling the strings that change the eyes. Also, always handle with clean hands as oils from your hands can react with sealents. Please store laying down or in a well supported stand.